June 16, 2011

You Are So Dumb, You Are REALLY Dumb, For Real*

Ok, you aren't dumb. Our country can be, however.

For instance, the person who tried to hurt Antoine's sister, Kelly. Watch the whole story but especially Antoine's reaction at 1:20:

Just left the gym and had a thought. Lemme know how it resonates...

Gym restrooms are what we queers/gays call "heteronormative". They stick to the "norms" of heterosexually-accepted society and really reinforce the gender binary--MALE and FEMALE, WOMEN and MEN. Unless, of course, you are a gym designed for all women--so they don't have to be around men? What is the reason for the creation of these places, exactly? If we are told that heterosexuality is RIGHT, why do they keep separating these poor folks like their lives are at stake if they are together?

No matter how you slice it, the message that comes through: men and women are the norm. Follow these rules in life. If you don't, you don't fit in. REPEAT.

Here's my question: why are men's and women's restrooms separated? I assume it's to keep the dudes from checking out the women due to the fact that most of them will be sexually attracted to them---right? Is there another reason I don't know or aren't thinking about? Is it a safety issue? Does this bathroom system really prevent violence against women and help keep the sky-high numbers of sexual violence down?

Ok. So here's my question: (aside from the fact that I'm partnered) in theory, I'm sexually attracted to women (mostly)---so don't I belong in the men's room? I mean, what is the difference between ME being there seeing them naked and a heterosexual MAN being in there? Really, really let that one sink in. What is the difference---? Similar to dorm rooms. They won't put men and women together, but DO put two women or two men together...separating hetero people---for what reason? Sex? But put two people together, one or both of whom might be sexually attracted to the person of the same sex.

As I left the gym today, I asked myself that question aloud and thought---I wonder if more people think this and what a solution would be, if there was one and if people cared enough to explore it. I ADORE when I see the word RESTROOM printed on the door. I literally say a prayer of gratitude. Better yet--if the establishment has several doors with these signs. It says to me, "we are humans. Humans have to pee and poo. Enter to do so."

Nevermind the whole issue of whether my life would be in jeopardy if I used the men's room because it felt more appropriate for me.

And really---the WOMEN'S sign still has the figure in a skirt? What is this---1950?

It just feels SO DUMB. REALLY DUMB, to me.

*apparently other people agree. Check out this article posted on NPR on 6/23/11, a mere week after my posting here.  The End of Gender


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  1. You know, I think about this ALL THE TIME. Unfortunately, I have no alternate solution, aside from single-stall bathrooms.


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