June 7, 2011

Git 'Er Done!

I love this television show called Friday Night Lights. That's a big deal because I don't watch any television.

Around 2000, I prioritized my meager teacher's salary and decided that cable wasn't high on my list of "must-haves". That was the beginning, probably, of a LONG list of such things, or even just my increasing awareness of how I wanted to spend my hard-earned cash. How was TV improving my life, really?

It wasn't. Films? Films do improve my life, therefore I have a 40" flat-panel HD television. Splurge in 2007. Go, me!

Friday Night Lights is my television-watching exception. If you haven't seen this show or don't know what the HECK I'm talking about...you can checkity-check this great show on NBC on (you guessed it) Friday nights. We are closing in on the end of Season 5, the final season, but you can catch up with the prior seasons on Netflix.

Why do I like this show? Simply put, it addresses all the "isms" of this country (well, many of them) with thoughtful writing, brilliant acting and it's all shot with 3 cameras simultaneously. Racism, classism, homophobia, etc. They cover it all. The actors know their scripts but aren't given any blocking so they just do whatever feels natural and appropriate for their scene. It's AWESOME!

One of the episodes is titled Get 'Er Done and it inspired my blog post today. I wanted to offer a tip for making life feel more manageable, because goodness knows, sometimes it does not. You know those days and moments when you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place? I know that place, because I've been there many a time.

It's that place where you feel like every decision is the wrong one and you feel like someone has the answer---anyone else has it---but you don't.

This episode is a perfect example of why I love FNL. I've derived so much inspiration and motivation from the characters and the ways they overcome adversity and their own personal demons. The gist of this clip below is that the quarterback Matt has been overshadowed by this other guy who had an ego the size of Texas. No offense to Texans, but your state is DAMN BIG! It makes for a good analogy and it's where the show takes place.

So Matt's self-confidence and self-worth was shaken when this other dude came to town and replaced Matt as starting quarterback. But this other dude's ego almost cost the team this very important game and it was up to Matt to save it. Matt could have been like, "oh yeah, sure, now you need me" or let his inner conflict get the best of him. I have been here. I've let negative thought patterns and behaviors almost sabotage moments when I had the opportunity to rise above and shine through, showing my maturity and inner strength.

As for the Coach? Well, he had to believe in the little guy and hand over the fate of the game to this young man, relinquishing the need to be in charge. He had to show everyone on the field that he didn't have all the answers. How often do you see men portrayed this way in mainstream media/culture?

Watch what happens:


Confidence. Courage. Selflessness. Teamwork. No ego.
That is what makes for winning moments everytime. In our jobs. In our relationships. Within ourselves.

Next time you're feeling stuck, angry, confused and like someone else has the answers---think of this clip. Think about overcoming your own negative mind and rising to the occasion. Get over your fears, get over your ego, be confident in your own opinions.

Step up your game and Git Er Done.

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