October 9, 2012

3-Month Rockstar Reset

3-Month Rockstar Reset

We worked together in the past and you felt like everything came together. Sweet!

Maybe you were grooving along on your own, but recently you got off track. It's obvious to you and you don't like how it feels. You want my help getting back into the groove.

You know what's off. You know what you need to do but you just can't get the wheels to spin. Or maybe they are spinning too much and you're stuck right there. Feeling like crap.

You're a rockstar. You just need to hit the reset button. 

You know my style, you know how I roll. We skip the consult and just get right into it.

Let's do it!


One quick payment of $749 gets you 3 months of my coaching support. Paid in full means you get:

  • unlimited email support: Email me as much as you want. Seriously. 
  • six 50-minute sessions: Every other week? Ok. Something less regular? Whatever. You choose. You got the time booked so I'll make it work for you.
  • recipes galore: I cook. I share. You cook. You feel better. BINGO!
  • personalized program: whatever you need to get back on track, that's what you'll get. Name the areas that need the most work. That's what we will focus on.


Fill out this form below. As soon as I get it, I'll contact you and we can schedule your first session. You are this close to feeling better and getting back on track. The form take about 2 minutes to complete.

Ready? Set? GO!

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