September 24, 2012

Balance Makes It Better: a workshop for LGBTQ folks

Balance Makes It Better: a holistic health workshop for LGBTQ folks

Where: The Meeting Point  3464 Washington Ave, Jamaica Plain, MA
When: TUESDAY, 10/23/12, 6:30-8:30 pm
Cost: $20*

You've heard the phrase "everything in moderation"? 

It applies to every aspect of your life--your food, friends, family, exercise and career. Balance actually makes everything BETTER.

I created this workshop specifically for the LGBTQ community (and those who support them) and the unique questions and concerns that we face in finding peace, health and happiness just waking up and walking around in our lives each day. It sure ain't easy, but with the right attitude and some practical skills, it can be better.

Bring your questions and an open mind to this workshop that will address:

  • cravings of all kinds: where do they come from and what can you do about them?
  • body image truths and realities
  • friends and food: did you know they were connected?
  • work/life balance: it IS possible

As part of this workshop, you will leave with:
  • simple recipes to eat more balanced meals
  • tips for staying cool and balanced when you're feeling angry, sad or frustrated
  • tricks for balancing your sleep schedule
  • info on how sugar might be messing with you more than you know 
In addition to these resources to take away and keep forever, you'll get to hang out with me and a whole crowd of folks who "get it". Whether you share your experience or listen in silence,  you will be a valuable part of a life-changing evening. Bring your open mind, and open heart and the willingness to find more balance. This workshop is specifically for LGBTQ folks, but all are welcome to attend, share and learn.

Questions? Email me at:


*registration is $20 and there's a special student rate. You can also donate for an additional registration which covers the fees for folks who aren't able to pay.

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