August 16, 2012

5 Days of Fearless Living: a Virtual program to boost confidence and tackle fears

I scowl at you, Fear!

5 Days of Fearless Living: A virtual program to boost confidence and tackle fears
Dates: September 24 -28
Location: Virtual (you need an email account)
Cost: FREE

Living life fully takes guts. It requires being fearless. 

Trust me, I know this really well. Coming out as transgender wasn't easy.

Didn't catch this program when I launched it last February? That's ok. Here's another shot to flex your fearless muscles.

From a past Fearless Living participant:

"The Fearless Living Program honestly and truly, changed my life. 
Turning that mirror on yourself can be hard, 
but with Dillan's incredible support 
and a network of fantastic FB friends to cheer me on 
and share like experiences, I knew I wasn't alone. 
I feel so blessed!  
-Melanie, rockstar Savor Your Existence client

We are all afraid but conquering our fears is our greatest goal as human beings. 

We reach our potential and live our lives fully when we cast aside our fears and limiting beliefs and do the thing we think we cannot do. Or should not do. Or wouldn’t do--without someone in our corner. I’m in your corner. Let’s see what you’re made of.
“Do something everyday that scares you.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor was ambitious. How about starting with 5 days?

Tackling my transgender identity this past year took guts---and a lot of time. It took days and weeks and months of facing my biggest fears about myself and what was bubbling up to the surface. It also took a lot of practice in patience, confidence, self-esteem and courage. There were days I didn't want to cook for myself. Or go running. Or call friends back. There were days I just wanted the whole thing to disappear.

I noticed how often I craved baked goods, sugar and old habits like smoking. Seriously? Smoking? Yep. Fear will do that to you.
What helped? Facing my fears, one by one. Waking up and eating nutritious food that also tasted good. Running. Working with my health/business coach. Being open and honest with myself and other people. It wasn't easy, but it was damn worth it.

Join me for this 5-day FREE program so you can get the encouragement, the support and kick in the BUTT you need to live your life fearlessly.

What can you expect?

Daily emails, a free teleclass and inspiring videos, oh my!

Words of wisdom. Each day for 5 days you'll get an email from me to your INBOX that challenges you to face your fears to see what you can accomplish when you step outside your comfort zone(s). Full of the most inspiring words I've gleaned from some of my own teachers, you can't help but feel encouraged to grow!

Small steps. Rome wasn't built in a day. Your fears won't disappear that quickly, either. We'll take baby steps together.

Community vibe. This sort of stuff life-changing requires a crew of like-minded people--am I right? The more the merrier, in my opinion. We'll gather on facebook in a private group to meet those folks who think like you. Up at 3am thinking about scary stuff? Post on the facebook group and get virtual hugs (once everyone wakes up).

New Tools. Maybe all you need is some different tools to make new shifts. I'll introduce some new ideas, people, concepts, terminology and recipes that you may not have heard of before. Imagine what's possible when you feel more comfortable with new material.

Authentic inspiration. In those emails will be some videos of yours truly, nudging you along as you take your steps--both baby ones and big ones. During the free teleclass, I'll share the fear I encountered as I took next steps on my own path and I'll share 3 tips that helped me on a daily basis.

You'll be challenged where it counts in life. With 24/7 support.

Here are just a few of the challenges coming your way:
  • cook a new food: no inner-critics allowed! 
  • make no complaints: what fears are hidin' behind that bitchin'
  • ditch "I'm Not Worthy": yeah. It's a good way to hide from life. 

Time for a change? Let's go.

More lovin' from Fearless Folks:

The connections I made to others and my inner voice 
has me doing things so much differently.  
I feel so connected to what it is that I want for my life, 
and I'm not scared to go and get it! 
What a transformation! 

I like the use of the youtube videos embedded in the email. 
"Seeing" and "hearing" you virtually was wonderful. 

I truly enjoyed embracing each day with a different outlook--thanks!!
The best thing for me was to be able to see other people 
who struggle with the same stuff that I do. 

It was a great program! 
 It was inspiring, empowering and uplifting! 

This group is open to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ or heterosexual 
so we can all BE FEARLESS. 
xo, Dillan

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