March 30, 2011

Feeling a Little Sluggish? (or snailish?)

SPRING SHAPE-UP Group--Sign Up Before 4/13 and save 10%

It's official! I am totally over being cold and chilly. I'm ready to thaw out and come out of hibernation!

To usher in the spring (because I decided, if it's not really here, I'll just play pretend...always worked when I was a kid) I am hosting a Spring Shape-Up group to convene in my brand-new office in Davis Square.


It's completely normal and natural if you're feeling just about ready to cleanse yourself of stored up fat, toxins and thought patterns that are slowing you down and making you run at less than optimal capacity.

Thought patterns? Yes. Exactly.

Ineffective nutrition and lifestyle habits? Those too.

What about my pack-rat/clutter pile tendencies? Yup.

Spring isn't just a time to start jogging and wearing less than 3 layers every day. It's seasonally appropriate to shed anything that has been stored up over the winter months. It's a time to cleanse all the bodily systems that worked really hard to store fat, protein and warmth so you could make it through the chilly days.  If you don't live somewhere chilly, think about how you're feeling. What was your diet like? Did you eat balanced, nutritious meals every day? What were your thoughts and emotions during the busy holiday season? What needs to move on and through your body and mind so you can greet the Spring months with an open heart, an open mind and open spirit? What foods are you bringing into your house that are or are NOT meeting your needs? What has been hanging around in boxes or on your shelves that could use a heave-ho into the trashcan?

Many people think a detox or cleanse has to happen with dramatic and intense food or juice detoxes and/or involving fasting that often puts the body into shock.  Think of that as you would a car stopping short in traffic. Your bodily systems are the traffic. An intense, sudden detox would be the car jamming on the brakes.

Not pretty.

I recommend not having a lead foot when it comes to making any change in your life. Slow and steady almost always wins in the race of living healthier and happier.

That's what my Spring Shape-Up is all about: eating, thinking and moving slowly and intentionally to enter a new season full of renewal, hope and gratitude.

move slowly---like this snail...


If this sounds right up your alley, here's what you'll enjoy if you join me:
  • 3 90-minute sessions where you'll come and learn in a private and convenient location
  • a cleansing guide for cleaning out your insides
  • the company and support of a small group of like-minded peers
  • my in-person guidance during each session and email support in-between
  • thought-provoking discussions and guided practices to cleanse and renew your mind and spirit
  • tricks for more efficient housekeeping
  • tips for time management to make the most of your days (and the increased sunlight!)


The Spring Shape-Up will meet on April 27th, May 11th and May 25th from 6:30-8pm in my office in the heart of Davis Square. The cost of this entire program (including all the resources, the guidance & support from me and the company of awesome, inspiring folks!) is $250 but if you sign up before April 13th, you save 10%!

That's alot of awesomeness and a whole lotta change and transformation (the right way) for $225!

Looking forward to getting your email or call to REGISTER before April 13th (so you save $25). You can also pay via Paypal by clicking on the button below:

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