March 11, 2012

Fearlessly Healthy: a 30 Day Intensive

Fearlessly Healthy: a 30 Day Intensive 

Fearlessly Healthy: a 30 Day Intensive
Start date: May 1-30, 2012 
Cost: $149
Location: your big comfy couch

Are your fears affecting your health? 

Three years ago, my life was unrecognizable. I was stuck in a loveless relationship, was unhappy at work and I struggled with acne, depression, sinus infections, insomnia, overeating and anxiety on a daily basis. I felt stuck, paralyzed by my fears and my health suffered as a result.

There's a connection between what we eat and how we live. Changing that whole scene for the better starts with conquering our fears and making the conscious decision to be fearlessly healthy---inside and out.

Who would you be if you lived your life outside the lines and started living as your fearless, healthiest self?

If you aren't afraid to feed yourself well with nutritional home-cookin' and the occasional pat of butter, you will have less fear in every aspect of your life.

I don't live without fear--I just don't let it get the best of me, especially in the kitchen. 

Join me in this 15-day program to get up-close and personal with your fear. Zoom in on your biggest fears so you can start taking them down, one by one. And we'll practice that with pots, pans and your stove.

As one of only 15 participants in this exclusive program you'll get:

-weekly emails from me full of tips to tackle your fears
-two interactive video tutorials with me and your fearlessly healthy crew
-an easy-to-download Fearlessly Healthy Cooking ecookbook
-access to an online forum with other fearlessly healthy friends
-30 minutes of individual coaching during your Fear-Smackdown Session with me!

from some of my fearless fans:

"The Fearless Living Program honestly and truly, changed my life. I've been working with Dillan to find ways to shift my perspective on a lot of things in my life. Turning that mirror on yourself can be hard, but with Dillan's incredible support and a network of fantastic friends to cheer me on and share like experiences, I knew I wasn't alone. Fearless living is a day by day thing...every day I continue to think about the experience and find ways to keep challenging myself to keep it going. And I have some great new friends that are continuing down this path with me. I feel so blessed!" -Melanie

"The best thing for me was to be able to see other people who struggle with the same stuff that I do. I takes the legitimacy out of self criticism because I would never fault others for the things that I fault myself. Time to let go!!!" -Sara

"Dillan, thank you so much for offering this program to all of us. The connections I made to others as well as how I connected to my inner voice has me doing so much differently and feeling so connected to what it is that I want for my life, and I'm not scared to go and get it! I am eating differently, doing yoga daily, and meditating daily! What a transformation! :) thank so much!" -Tracy
Does this sound like the right thing for you right now?

I designed this program to support you in a small, intimate group of 15, so seats will go fast. Register now to secure your spot.

This group is open to anyone regardless of who you are or how you identify. 
LGBTQ folks are strongly encouraged to participate. 
We'll be addressing the issues that we face as we search for solutions to live out, proud and FEARLESSLY. xo, Dillan

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