December 15, 2010

Three Parties + Two Days = Hearty Primary Food

So this past weekend, I headed out to not 1, not 2---BUT THREE holiday parties.

In 2 days.

Well, 24 hours to be exact. Right? Check my math.

The first one kicked off at 8 pm on Saturday. The second was noon the next day and the THIRD and final was 6 pm that night.


Crazy, right? "Dillan, (you're saying) how is a health coach modeling self-care and balance with that sort of schedule?!" Well, that was nothing compared to my week. But that's ok. Post for another day.

This weekend worked so well because we paced ourselves, ate well, knew our limits and took good care to practice balance.

Here are three things we (my partner and I) did to make it through those 24 hours:

1) EAT BEFORE YOU GO. I can't stress this enough. I sat down and ate veggies by the mouthful before heading out because I knew these hosts of ours had delicious, wonderful rich food prepared and I wanted to make sure I had my fiber and vitamins in to wash down the fat, salt and sugar. You with me?

2) GO WHERE YOU ARE LOVED. I can't tell you enough good things about our friends. They are fun, FUNNY and very very nice to us. And they invite people who are nice too. I don't think my stamina would have held out had I dealt with oppressive people who make racist jokes, comment on our identities and give my woman the once-over before glaring at me. Trust me, it's happened. This year, we chose to go where the love was. Go us.

3) BRING POSITIVITY WITH YOU. We learned two new fun games this weekend. One was super special because we brought positivity, love and the spirit of abundance with us. What was the result? My partner won $27!! Seriously. She turned to me and said, "one of us is going to win". And she was right! Wherever you go, bring the idea of good intentions, wealth and abundance for you and for everyone. Stop with the cattiness, judgments and complaining. I see the benefits of being positive to my mental, spiritual and financial health. Money isn't everything. In this instance it was a reminder of how we can bring good or bad into our lives with an intention.

Think about it.

Here's a pic from one party where we played a game called...actually I don't know the name of it. Did it have a name? Who knows. It was fun.

GAME ONE: Left, Right, Center

Three die with black dots and the letters L, R and C.
Each player has 3 single dollar bills.
You roll those dice and depending on what rolls up, you divvy up your dolla dolla bills.
Last person with $1 wins the POT!

GAME TWO: the "AND" game

Each person brings a gift valued at $5 or so.
Each time the word AND is spoken, each player passes the gift on his/her lap to the LEFT.
The gift you're holding at the end is YOURS!

Happy Holiday SEASON!

COMING UP: 10 Tips to 2011

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